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Our Story

The inspiration

After spending 33 years in Information Technology and a health scare we found ourselves at a bit of a loose end, we were having a  blue sky discussion one night when the subject came round to what will we do with our lives? With help from the gin cocktails we were drinking, Alyson said "Why don't we make our own?" After all, we both have always loved the idea of having our own distillery.

Now Ross, a lifetime lover of malt whisky and bourbon had always enjoyed a nice gin and in the last few years had started to drink it as his preferred long drink. So the idea was born. Could we really pull this off? 

The vision

The vision So the discussion very quickly came round to how can we be different?

There has been an influx of new gins on the market in the last 5 years and whilst most gins use a combination of similar botanicals, we needed to come up with something to make LinGin stand out.

How will LinGin be different? Our local botanicals. This is what makes LinGin unique and that the recipe has been honed by our local tasters to give a truly community developed experience.

'Crafted with the spirit of Linlithgow'

Our first bottling

With the help of our Tasters we developed the recipe of LinGin and did our first bottling on the 15th January 2018. Our aim is simple, to make quality Gins using the best sourced botanicals and some locally foraged ones to make truly special Gins from Linlithgow - LinGin® and the Four Marys®.

As a family business, we wanted our Gins to have a local 'family' influence. So we recruited over 100 people from the local area to help develop LinGin. Our tasting panel have been instrumental in influencing our products and have continued to act as a tasting panel in refining our Four Marys recipes.

LinGin and the Four Marys are now available from our online shop and from outlets throughout the UK. We are expanding our list of stockists daily, so next time you are in a bar or restaurant, ask for a LinGin or Four Marys and if they don't have it tell them about us!

Our stills

We have two stills. Both are high tech and fully progammable and give us the ability to reclaim all the heads and tails from each distillation.

Our 100L still is called Gleann Iucha (Gaelic for Linlithgow). Our 500L Still is called Scotty after Montgomery Scott who will be born in Linlithgow in the year 2222. If you follow Star Trek you will know who he is.