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Our Bottle

Since we started production in January 2018, we have always strived to use our town’s rich history and iconic buildings in our branding.  Our bottle was a stock bottle from France and it’s shape reflected the shapes of both Linlithgow Palace and St Michael’s Church spire. The spire has become synonymous with Linlithgow over the years and is seen as a huge visitor attraction for the town.

In early 2020 the distillery team realised that to secure the future of the business going forward and integrate our future plans for distilling whisky, we needed to come up with our own bottle that was even more tied in to our town’s iconic buildings.

Ross initially came up with a few sketches of ideas and we passed these over to our glass partners at Vetroelite.  Their design team helped us to refine our designs and after 3 different 3D printed samples, we settled on our final design.  The bottle features elements which are key to 5 of our most iconic buildings/sites in Linlithgow:

  1. Linlithgow Palace – represented by the bottle shape and the horizontal ribbing on the bottle which signifies layers of stone and brick.
  2. St Michael’s spire – represented by the bottle shape and the impression of the Crown of Thorns spire when viewing the bottle from the top down. Also represented in our logo which is embossed on to the bottom of the bottle.
  3. St Magdalene’s Distillery – the last whisky distillery in Linlithgow which closed its doors in 1983 and was developed into apartments, represented by the cupola top to the bottle.
  4. The Maltings – the original malting house for St Magdalene’s distillery and latterly a brewery before being developed into apartments and is represented by the cupola top to the bottle.
  5. Not technically a building, but Linlithgow Loch is represented by the jade green colour of the bottle, which has been used throughout our branding since day 1.

With our distillery name embossed into the shoulder of the bottle and our logo embossed on the base, this bottle truly belongs to Linlithgow.

May 2022

We are over the moon to have been recognised by the Industry for our bottle design. To have recognition like this truly inspires us to keep developing the brand.