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LinGin Tasting Set

LinGin Tasting Set - Tasting Notes

Thank you for purchasing our LinGin Tasting Set or maybe you have been given it as gift - either way we hope you enjoy our Award winning Gins.

We have never been ones for dictating how you enjoy our gins but we do understand that it helps to be directed with regard to the flavour profile.

Following are the tasting notes specific to each miniature in the set. However, we do encourage you to experiment as everyone's palate is different.

Please note there are different variations of the tasting set and not all contain each of the gins listed.

LinGin London Dry -

A premium Dry Gin in the London style at 43% Vol. Beautifully smooth, great as a traditional G&T or dry Martini and fantastic as a base for creative cocktails.

LinGin is a contemporary take on a classic London Dry style gin. We use classic gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, bitter orange peel, cassia and cardamom, as well as contemporary botanicals such as cubeb berries and locally for-aged meadowsweet. The addition of 3 more secret botanicals add layers of flavour which give LinGin its signature taste.

Flavour Profile -
On the nose, clean and fresh with a juniper-prominent, citrus aroma. When sipped neat, the full herb and meadowsweet complement comes through and gives way to a warm, peppery finish.
When tonic is added, the sweet citrus comes back to the fore and segues into an earthy, vanilla taste as the meadowsweet comes to life. The final warm peppery notes are also accompanied by a slight spiciness. LinGin is such a versatile gin it can be drunk several ways:
• Neat over ice
• premium standard tonic garnished with a quarter slice of orange
• Mediterranean tonic garnished with fresh rosemary

LinGin Cask Aged #2 -

Putting our classic LinGin London Dry into an ex Glen Moray cask, we aged it for 8 months.  The layers of complexity in this gin are astounding!  Starting with the nose, you get sweet juniper with definite aromas of whisky but when sipped neat, the juniper is at the forefront and then gives way to  notes of cinnamon, burnt toast, vanilla, rich plums and chewy caramel.  Delightful sipped neat over ice or equally as a long G&T with standard plain tonic and no garnish.  It’s more than a gin but not quite a whisky – you decide!

LinGin Navy Strength -

Sitting at 57% Abv this is an ultra-smooth gin which can be drunk neat with a few drops of water or else served as a full G&T and garnished with pink grapefruit. Using some of our wonderful “secret” LinGin botanicals, the addition of grapefruit and lavender rockets this gin to a new level.

LinGin Mulled (Limited Edition) -

Taking 10 of the 12 classic LinGin botanicals and adding the mulled elements before distilling gives this gin a subtle mulled taste without being too overpowering.  Ginger, lemon peel, clove and extra orange and cassia give a rounded, smooth gin which is great served as a G&T with a premium light tonic and garnished with a half slice of orange.  The gin sits at 43% Abv giving the perfect balance between classic LinGin and the mulled elements.